Composite (white) fillings

Having a filling is an incredibly common dental procedure that treats dental cavities and damage to teeth. White fillings offer a natural-looking alternative to traditional silver fillings. The composite is a type of resin made from a mixture of glass particles and plastic which when hardened looks just like dental enamel. It is colour matched to blend in with your natural tooth and appear as if it’s not even there! Composite fillings are typically made from durable materials however the strength of our bite, the position of the filling and whether you grind your teeth all impact the filling’s lifespan.

When you have your filling done, you will be firstly offered local anaesthetic. Sometimes it isn’t necessary, and sometimes people don’t want an injection – it’s entirely up to you! Your dentist will then drill into your tooth, removing old filling if necessary, and then remove the decayed part of the tooth leaving a remaining healthy structure. They then apply a special acidic gel to the tooth which roughens the surface to ensure the composite material will bond effectively to your tooth. Your dentist will then apply the composite material to the cavity in layers and mould it to form the desired shape. They will then set the composite with a blue light which sets it immediately. As a final touch they polish your filling to leave it looking as smooth and natural as possible.