Missing teeth – Dentures, bridges & implants

Having missing teeth can not only affect your confidence but also your mouth’s ability to function and chew food effectively. There are 3 options to replace missing teeth:

Dentures Removable dentures are custom fit to you. They come in a variety of different materials which are usually either acrylic, metal or a specialist flexible acrylic. They can replace multiple missing teeth as well as improving your speech and function.

Bridges Bridges are a fixed alternative to dentures and require the support of adjacent teeth. They consist of false teeth which are fixed to existing teeth to fill a gap. They replace one or two teeth in one area of the mouth. This often requires preparation of these adjacent teeth. Bridges are custom made in a dental laboratory from impressions of your teeth.

Implants Implants are screw-like fixtures made from titanium. They are placed directly into the jawbone to replace single or multiple teeth. We do not offer this at Kings Mills, however if this is an option your dentist can refer you to an Implantologist.