If you have had orthodontic treatment, whether that’s fixed braces or aligners, your practitioner would usually recommend wearing retainers. Once the position of your teeth has been altered, the bone and soft tissues need time to adapt. It is really important to wear your retainers so your teeth stay in their corrected positions. They should be worn on a long-term basis if you wish to keep your teeth straight. If you don’t wear them on a regular basis it will likely result in the teeth moving which may require re-treatment.

They must be cleaned on the inside with a toothbrush and soapy water.  Do not use hot water as this can distort the retainer.  They can also be soaked in a Retainer Brite solution to keep them thoroughly clean.

If your retainers get lost or broken, please contact us straight away so we can start the process of making you new ones as your teeth can move very quickly. We can make you retainers whether you have had orthodontic treatment with us or not.

If you have been fitted with a bonded/fixed retainer, this should be kept in place for at least 5 years and regularly monitored by your dentist to make sure it hasn’t come away from any of the teeth.