Soft tissue surgery

Soft tissue surgery is the removal of the whole or part of a lesion which is present in the mouth. This can be either to get rid of something that annoys you, remove something that looks sinister or to find out the cause of a lesion. Most of the time the lesions removed are benign but we always send them to a specialist lab to confirm the diagnosis.

A fraenectomy may be required before or during orthodontic treatment to allow gaps in teeth to be closed. This simple procedure involves snipping the fraenum which is the bit of skin that attaches your lip to your gum. It is then reattached further away from the teeth.

We also offer tongue tie release for children and adults. This is a simple procedure but the removal of a tongue tie can help improve speech problems and feeding issues.  

All the soft tissue surgery at Kings Mills is carried out by Dr Louise Toney who has a special interest in oral surgery and has carried out many different procedures both here and during her time in hospital oral surgery departments.